Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an Aria Mastering Beginners Guide ?

Yes, the following video discusses how to use the Aria Website, the different Mix Types available and thoughts on how to prepare your songs for Aria Mastering:

What is the Remaster Module and how does it work ?

Please watch the following video to learn more about Aria’s Remaster Module:

Do you offer a free song or a preview?

Because of the nature of Aria being analog it isn’t possible to offer a preview of a master.  If you are a new customer please send us an email at and we will happily create a coupon for you to try a song on Aria.  We are sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

How can I be sure which Mix Type setting to choose?

We recommend you use the one that matches the description most closely, but don’t worry about it because you can remaster every song on any Mix Type setting for free for 14 days after it is mastered the first time.  The ‘Master Again’ feature is located on your MyAccount>Downloads page for each order.

What do the Mix Type settings mean?

We have tried to come up with the best explanation for these but it is challenging.  Since it is an analog mastering system much of the system is based on input level, not output level.  That’s why we have setup the Mix Type settings to correspond to how you mix.  Try to think about the descriptions below as if they are talking about your mix.  Did you heavily compress and limit your master bus?  Maybe Mix Type C would be good for that.  Did you hardly use any compression and your mix changes level and is very dynamic?  Maybe A or E would be good?

Start with whatever description comes the closest and if that doesn’t work, remember it is always free to ‘Master Again’ on another Mix Type setting.

A -Moderate: Good for dynamic mixes and acoustic songs

B -Loud: (Default Level) Standard mix with moderate compression

C -Louder: Good for well balanced mixes that are well compressed

D -Loud/Safe: Good for ballads and softer songs that need to be loud

E -Extra Dynamic: For A Cappella or very light acoustic or classical recordings. Also great for very dynamic/delicate hybrid film score.

Are subscriptions reoccurring?  

Yes. By purchasing a Subscription, you agree to our Subscription Policy: Aria LLC will automatically continue your subscription after each month and charge the subscription fee to your payment method on a monthly basis until you cancel. To cancel, go to “My Account”, view your subscription and click on “Cancel.” There are no refunds or credits for partial months.

If I buy a subscription when can I cancel it?  

You can cancel your subscription at any time on your MyAccount>Subscriptions page.  After you cancel you will be able to use the remaining songs you have available until the end of your 30 days.

Subscriptions will be automatically setup with recurring billing unless you cancel your subscription.  Again to cancel anytime visit MyAccount>Subscriptions page.

If I run out of songs should I buy a second subscription? 

No, please never buy more than one subscription per user account.  If you run into a problem and need to purchase more songs please contact us via email at or purchase a subscription on a different user account.

Will my songs carry over to the next month if I don’t use them?

No, songs do not carry over.  If you need to master only one or two songs a month you are probably better off purchasing them one song at a time.

What resolution mixes are accepted?

Aria accepts WAV and MP3 mixes.  Bit rates up to 32bit and sample rates up to 192kHz are accepted. You’ll want to bounce out stereo interleaved files of your mixes. Either 24bit or 32bit float and keep the sample rate the same as the session it was mixed in.  Changing this to a higher sample rate during the bounce will actually give you a lower resolution mix as a conversion has to happen.

What resolution will the mastered files be delivered in?  

All mastered files will be supplied as 16bit 44.1kHz WAV files and 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files.  To make sure you receive the 24bit WAV files click the Download All button on your order page.  If you need a different resolution email us at and we will supply them at no additional charge.

Do you provide different versions for each Streaming Service (Youtube, Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora …) ?

As these services simply turn down the volume to create a more even listening experience, it is not necessary to generate separate versions for each streaming service as these volume adjustments will not impact sound quality.

What do I do if I’d like Mastered For iTunes files?

Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) files are specifically made to only be sold on the iTunes store.  If you’re not selling on the iTunes store you do not need them.  We will supply MFiT files for free upon request.  Please email us at to request them.

What if I need some alternate resolution files for some other reason?

Please just send us an email with your order number and we will be happy to provide any file types you need.

Should I fade my files before mastering?

Yes, for the best results make sure your files are trimmed and faded the way you’d like them before sending to Aria for mastering.  Leaving a bit of pre-roll/post-roll (space before and after the actual audio) on your file (something like 100-200ms) is always a good idea as well.